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'nightie naughties®'
     nightie naughties®... the time® is 7.30pm, for some your still working, And for others your in the kitchen either cooking or washing up. It's getting late, and your thinking about tomorrow, and the worst happens... a knock at the door:
'    A knock' can be the most intrinsci factor when your settling down for the evening, and it is not a word when the auditory process is working. It is like a habitual taught aspect of life like that phone call you never want, or that 'overtime at work when it is the dangerous time® of the night... nightie naughties® should not be about that and nightie naughties® should be about wearing your favourite pjamas or dressing in your loveliest negligee... just to give you that good night sleep so you can wake up fresh the next morning, And give tomorrow that loving feeling again.
'    A narrative® then is simple®, a programmatic idea 'hurts' it is done purposely to breach your personal space. Is much similar to a man wearing your nighjtie, not telling you and you smell that {man smell}!!!! To hear an auditory process that is unwelcomed is a narrative® you are not apart of, And such you are intimidated and isolated from the reality you try to create for your love® each night at home.... this is the beginning to appreciate your deserve that personal touch to say...NO!

'Are you a good girl....???'

'Where would you like to spend the night


'Are you one of those girls that when young was to receive a constant spanking, And that you were never going to make anything of your life?'

'So you are behaing naughty and you have ONLY a nightie with you, do you live up to someones elses expectation, or go to a cat theatre to learn new tricks?'

'Is it over (yet)®?'?'

'Your at your in-law's or at a party, and it feels like the Bablylonian exile. You have much to do for yourself, and you are not in a good mood for a particular. Is there an emergency lighting system that can help you with this?'