"...with me® wife®, the bushland backyard besides the riverStreamWild® with her mounting personalities reminds me® of changingButtockBounce® shapedShipwreckIslandBoobies® Friday and most of all the dirty Laundry washing besides the stream... THEsignatory®

.. the washing Saturdays of bushlandTuckerDirt® left me pondering this arguably the nicest thing me® wife did for me®.. "hey, beehivebumbuddy® with swinginCockadoodleDo® are you finishing saying the laundry out swagging it to the beat of my drum?"... THEsignatory®

"MONDAY!!" shouted waterBackmeJack® as the delirium of a travellersTravers® across desert plains was ahead of us... "YellmeOutWash® cried my wife of loversDelightDiddel®... she always has me® words of motivation to keep me attentionDiplomaticOrg...ohG®... THEsignatory®

.. Sunday cameToDoodleDo® and wakeUp® was a swashDingerTwiddle walkin' out behind the tree yoddlin' like me® me wife ""gifted'' gave me the lifeTimeTorrentialRainJourney® where only dreamin' was anything better than swimmin' streams was a utopianEffectParalysis®... THEsignatory®

""Oh God it's TUESDAY... waterProcessingTIME® am coming closer to me® wife as she crouchesInWaterYardStream® to the satisfaction of me® spreadMeOpenSilkIdea® where only the 'real' natural begins... THEsignatory®

. it was a day in the end of the week, tomorrow had not come, but WEDNESDAYmeLikeYouNeverDoneMeBefore® was like the wake up call I never had, as though the birds were fluttering their wings in support of a new day, tweepingTheirVoices®.. Cannot I not say, "hallelujah, hallelujah... as waterBackJack® stares down the past with sadness... THEsignatory®

.... well THURSDAY is hear, a the personalitiesOfMeWife® just make me softLikeMoshMeLikeYouCan®, and me® look up the riverValleyOfLushme® and serene valley below begins to flushMeLikeFlowerStreams®.. what a life me® wifeOfLight® gothicGoddessOfWaterDownSheets®.. ... THEsignatory®